Photographing newborns is my favorite.  Not just because I get to snuggle brand new babies.  But, because I love getting to know these new, little lives.  I learn so much about a baby's personality when I photograph them.  

I photograph newborns before they are ten days old.  This is because they are typically still very sleepy and love to be curled up.  Just like they were inside of your belly.  After 10 days your chances of a successful newborn session begin to decrease.  I only book a limited number of newborns per month and I encourage my clients to book well ahead of their due date in order to ensure that I can get you on my schedule.


You will come to my studio located on the property of our 1921 Craftsman in Yorba Linda.  All you need to bring is yourself.  I have props, blankets, and headbands.  I will take pictures of your baby as well as you and your partner with your baby and any siblings.  If it is warm I would love to photograph your baby outside in my garden.  Newborn sessions last between 2 - 4 hours.  Patience is key when photographing newborns! 

In 3 weeks you will receive an online gallery with approximately 20 - 50 images that you will love.  Prints or high resolution digital negatives can be ordered directly from the gallery.  Please inquire for price.