In the midst of your pregnancy the days can drag on and 9 months can seem like 9 years.  It's not always easy to appreciate everything that comes along with creating another human being.  However, I can tell you from experience, that after you become a mom there will be times that you will long for the days when you had your baby all to yourself.  The kicks.  The hiccups.  The knees digging into that one spot of your ribs.  Those 9 months that seemed so long while you were going through it will seem like a blink of the eye once your baby starts growing.  That's why your pregnancy is worth documenting.  

I prefer to photograph bumps at or around 32 weeks into your pregnancy.  At that point you will have a nice, round belly but can still comfortably move around.  I want you to feel beautiful and special.  I prefer to shoot at a location that has special meaning to you.  Your home.  Where you had your first date.  Where you got married.  Let's make this session all about you, your partner, and all the love you have for that teeny, tiny person you are growing inside of you.


I will come to the location of your choice and your session will last between an hour and a half and two hours.  We will chat and laugh.  I will probably make you lay down, run, skip, jump and maybe dance. 

In 3 weeks you will receive an online gallery with approximately 75 images that you will love.  Prints or high resolution digital negatives can be ordered directly from the gallery.  Please inquire for price.